DATE . 2016.01.06

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    Tuan Dino jangan lupa kat jalan darat makbar hadapan petronas..kat situ bukan orang awam saja anggota pun ade main sekali..diharap tutup terus je tpt tu..

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    For en flott bunad! Den hadde mange fine detaljer.Jeg føler meg aldri sÃ¥ fin som nÃ¥r jeg har bunad pÃ¥ 🙂 Det er noe helt spesielt.Hilsen Margrethe

  3. Anonymous on May 17th: thanks for the belly laugh! That sums up UR perfecctly, except that you left out a line from the dialog which I’ve helpfully put back in:Mencius: Also, I have deduced the existence of a sinister, yet suspiciously unstructured conspiracy of Marxist Jews that controls American politics, entertainment, and the banking system. They dominate Western political life by means of didactic propaganda. I call them The Cathedral.White Nationalists: We’ve known about it for years. We just call it ZOG.Mencius: Oops! s/secular Protestants/Marxist Jews/g.